Irish Bresaola Charcuterie

Irish Bresaola Charcuterie

Tried my first attempt at making some Irish bresaola charcuterie and what is this I hear you ask? It’s a cured meat that’s served thinly sliced along with salads or a cheese board. Bresaola is an unusual one as it requires both a dry and wet cure. It’s really a simple recipe to try. Once its cured it can be left hanging in the kitchen for a month or two to mature and then used as required.

Using a recipe from the fantastic Steven Lambs book The River Cottage Curing & Smoking Handbook .ย Its possible to tinker Continue reading

3rd & final batch of elderflower cordial

In total I made just over 40 liters of elderflower cordial that has made 80 x 500ml bottles.

I’ve used the rind and juice of 48 lemons and 16 oranges. Thanks to Ryan and James with their help picking most of the flowers and especially for the last batch where they done most of the rind grating and juicing of the fruit. Continue reading

Sloe Gin Recipe

I’ve had a few people over the last few months tasting and liking the sloe gin I made last November. So I’m putting up the recipe so everyone can make this great winter tipple, especially for you Tanya ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading