Finally got the lids for the honey jars during the week and started getting it jarred up this evening.

Here are the first 41 of them all ready for the market, Chris has also been playing around with the design of the labels.

The first of this years summer honey in new square jars

Ive been deciding on a style of jar for the last few months and from a selection on the table in the kitchen, everyone that has visited has picked the square jar. So a square jar with a gold lid it is for all future honey sales, what does everybody think?

This is the first jar of this years summer honey, I think its mainly blackberry and clover.

As you can see from the pics below this is raw honey, in its purest form from the hive, simply extracted and passed through a flour sieve to remove bits of capping wax. Its never heated and passed though fine filters. Over time it will crystallize, as all unheated honey will.

I found a great video the other day that I will post later showing a beekeeper from the US and how he keeps his bees, its exactly the same principles that I believe in.

There is only 3 jars of the rape seed honey left, surprisingly it has been pretty well received. From speaking to other beekeepers earlier in the year, most had negative comments about it where in actual fact anyone that’s eaten it has loved it.