Homemade butter making

Homemade butter

Last year while milking our cow I collected some cream off the top of some of the milk with the intention of making some homemade butter . I put it into containers and into the freezer, waiting until I had enough collected to match a batch. Unfortunately I forgot all about it in the bottom of the deep freezer.

A couple of weeks ago I took 4.5lts out and decided to give it a go. Continue reading

Greek style yogurt

This is my second attempt at making a Greek style yogurt, the first attempt was far too thick as it had been strained too much. It was still a great yogurt although far too rich for most people, although Chris loves it. This batch was 5 liters and I decided to let it drain until there was 2.5 liters of whey in the bucket underneath, removing roughly half the volume. I think it worked out pretty well and I made up 5 with blackberry jam, 5 with strawberry jam and 5 natural.

Let the milking begin

Today was the first day milking Kerry and I think it went pretty well. She is getting better every day, she just needs a good strict routine.

The machine sure takes the effort out of milking and its not too hard to clean out either. We are going to have 3 goats and a cow to milk in the spring so the machine will make it a simple task.