Heather honey pressing last November

This is a blog post on how I pressed the heather honey last November. The honey was collected by the bees up on the feather bed in the Dublin Mountains. Most of the frames that I gave to the bees to fill used a little starter strip which is basically a small strip of beeswax to help them to get started on the frame. I also used some frames will full sheets of foundation in between to help keep them building the comb nice and even between the frames.

The frame below was using a starter strip and the bee built everything you see there. This frame of honey could be used for cut comb or in this case cut out into a bucket for mashing.ย Here is a previous blog post onย heather cut comb.

2015-09-24 20.08.25

After all the frames are either cut out or scraped back to the foundation. The honey/wax mixture is ready for mashing up with the wooden spoon.

2015-11-04 17.14.53

As heather honey is thixotropic meaning that in its resting state it is a viscous gel but when agitated or mixed it turns into a more liquid state. And once it rests for a while it turns back into a jelly consistency.

2015-11-04 17.15.05

This is the heather press that I borrowed form my local beekeeping club, the CDBKA. It does the job but wouldn’t like to be pressing much more than I put through it this year. So for next years harvest I’m looking around for an alternative less labor intensive method. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

2015-11-04 17.15.19The mashed up heather is loaded up and ready for pressing. This year I used a synthetic muslin, it was suggested to me by a fellow beekeeper. Not sure how I rate it against the muslin, it seems to burst a fair bit so I started doubling it up.

2015-11-05 14.17.19

This is the finished product before labeling…

Raw Heather Honey

And after labeling…

Ollys Farm Heather Honey

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