Started preparing the heather honey cut comb this evening

I started preparing the heather honey cut comb from the heather this evening.

The first containers of cut comb I made up earlier in the year went pretty quick. They turned out to be very popular with some customers wanting to try it out and others like myself who just love a big chunk of it on think toast smothered with butter.

It starts off with running the knife around the inside edge…

heather honey cut comb

Then the frame lifts off…

heather honey cut comb

And then carefully cut up into the size that will fit in the container…

heather honey cut comb

100% natural heather honey cut comb, what a color…

heather honey cut comb

Next year I’m going to give sections a go, they are small little frames that the bees fill with honey and sold with the comb in the frame.

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